If you own and manage a fleet of vehicles, you know first-hand the challenges and expenses that come with it. From upfront costs to ongoing maintenance, the financial burden can be overwhelming.

When purchasing a vehicle, you commit to a long-term investment that might limit your flexibility to adapt to changing market demands. Selling old vehicles and buying new ones can be expensive and time-consuming and could lead to financial losses for your business. Consequently, you may be left with an idle vehicle in your yard that generates no income.

As the owner of a vehicle, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is properly maintained and serviced, which can take up a significant amount of time and add extra costs to your business. As your vehicle ages, maintenance costs escalate and disposing of it when you no longer require it can be a tedious and expensive task, often impacted by market conditions, demand, and the state of the economy. With the Government’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and the ever-changing regulations on zero-emission vehicles, predicting vehicle depreciation has become more challenging. This presents a greater financial risk when it comes to disposing of a vehicle, as these factors are out of your control.

Your financial resources are linked to every vehicle you own. Our hire options are designed to alleviate the financial strain and provide you with the freedom to adapt to changing market demands. We offer both long and shorter-term options giving you the flexibility to adjust your fleet as your requirements change. We provide you with access to a wide range of vehicles without the long-term commitment, and our extensive range of vehicles enables you to switch to newer, more fuel-efficient, and eco-friendly models without the inconvenience of selling or losing value on your old fleet.

One of the significant advantages of our hire options is the elimination of major upfront costs. Instead of a substantial capital investment, you pay a fixed monthly fee over an agreed period. This makes our hire solutions accessible and cost-effective and allows you to allocate your financial resources towards other business opportunities that may yield higher returns on investment.

Sales Director for Dawsongroup bus and coach, Fraser Innes, said, “Our hire options are designed to alleviate the financial strain and to provide you with the freedom to adapt to changing market demands. Tailored to meet your unique needs, preferences, and circumstances, our customised transport solutions can provide the flexibility you need to adapt to seasonal variations or changes in transport requirements, consequently reducing the risk of having unused or idle vehicles in your yard.”

Our fully supported contracts offer comprehensive vehicle maintenance, servicing, and repairs to ensure your vehicles are always in top condition. This minimises downtime and allows you to provide uninterrupted service to your passengers. When you no longer need the vehicle you simply return it to us, eliminating the worries of depreciation and selling so you can concentrate on your business operations without worrying about the long-term value of your vehicle.

By choosing our flexible hire solutions, you will benefit from financial flexibility, reduced maintenance costs, access to newer vehicles, and eco-friendly solutions. This allows you to focus on growing your business while providing safe and dependable transportation solutions for your passengers.

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