Electric Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in a parking lot

Since 1994, Cobra Corporate Services Limited (Cobra) has established a position as a trusted provider of passenger transport services. Catering to the private and public sectors it is committed to delivering comprehensive, fully outsourced transport solutions.

For over a decade, our close collaboration with Cobra has been central in supporting their mission. We have consistently supplied the company with a diverse fleet of vehicles, including minibuses, single-deck buses, and accessible vehicles. Together, we have enabled the company to meet the ever-evolving transportation needs of its clients with efficiency and reliability.


LOC8 is a newly launched business park in Kent built with a focus on sustainability. To connect the park to public transport links in the area and to align with the park’s environmental goals, the implementation of a practical and eco-friendly passenger transport solution was needed.

Addressing the challenge, LOC8 partnered with Cobra to oversee the delivery and management of the project. For successful project delivery, Cobra had to source two new fully electric battery-driven minibuses in an industry still suffering from severe production delays of new vehicles.


To support LOC8’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we partnered with Cobra, providing them with a solution that met the needs of the business park.

Through long-standing relationships with premium UK manufacturers, we were able to source and supply two fully electric Mercedes-Benz Sprinter EVM e-Cityline minibuses. The vehicles were seamlessly integrated into Cobra’s existing fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles, enabling a successful launch of a fully electric passenger transport solution for LOC8.

Cobra opted for our fully supported contract hire solution that allows them to benefit from fixed monthly payments and minimal capital outlay, freeing up financial resources to invest in other areas of the business.

Electric Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Minibus in a parking lot

We ensure the vehicles are well-maintained throughout the contract agreement as we take responsibility for servicing the minibuses. This level of support ensures that Cobra can focus on delivering a reliable and efficient passenger transport service while minimising any disruptions caused by vehicle maintenance.


Our partnership with Cobra and our commitment to providing comprehensive vehicle support and maintenance has led to a successful implementation of a fully electric passenger transport solution for LOC8. It aligns with LOC8’s environmental goals and contributes to reduced CO2 emissions while promoting sustainable transportation within the business park and the wider community.

Due to our fully supported packages, Cobra benefits from maximum uptime for its vehicles, enabling them to concentrate on providing LOC8 with a high-quality service.

Interior of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Minibus

Exciting times ahead again working with Dawsongroup. The support and flexibility it affords us and our clients just works. Especially with the increase in interest mounting up as we advise our clients existing and new of the range of electric buses available as the technology integrated becomes more advanced.

Cobra is expanding its supply of sustainable pure electric buses and charging infrastructure across the UK. The ability to work with Dawsongroup again in this fantastic opportunity to give our client the flexibility to lease the buses on a supported managed basis with Cobra through Dawsongroup instead of purchasing the electric vehicles suited the LOC8 business park, service delivery needs and design strategy.”

Steve Dowling, Director at Cobra Corporate Services Limited

For more information on how our alternative fuel vehicles and cost-effective contract hire solutions can help your business achieve its goals, and reduce environmental impact click here.

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