We have partnered with Cobra Corporate Services Limited (Cobra) to provide sustainable passenger transport for a business park in the South-East of England.

Electric Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in a parking lot

LOC8, a newly launched premier business park located off the M20 in Kent, is taking significant strides towards environmental sustainability by offering practical and long-lasting industrial, logistics, and office spaces with high-quality architecture and the latest technology to minimise material, energy, and water and reduce CO2 emissions. In line with its environmental goals, LOC8 has launched a fully electric passenger transport service connecting the park to Maidstone East Train Station.

To oversee the delivery and management of this project, the company has been working with Cobra, a leading supplier of bespoke passenger transport solutions that operates the daily service on behalf of LOC8. As a contribution to the project’s success, we have provided Cobra with two new EVM e-Cityline minibuses to its fleet, assisting in the introduction of electric vehicles at the LOC8 business park.

The battery-driven minibuses offer zero-emission transportation, assisting LOC8 in effectively reducing its carbon footprint and helping the business park achieve its sustainability targets. We have supplied the environmentally friendly minibuses to Cobra on a fully supported and maintained vehicle contract hire solution ensuring maximum uptime and continuous provision of comfortable, reliable, and sustainable transport for LOC8.

Fraser Innes, Sales Director for Dawsongroup bus and coach, said,” As part of Dawsongroup, we are dedicated to providing innovative funding solutions to help our customers enhance their capabilities while embracing sustainability. We are pleased to have supplied Cobra with two state-of-the-art electric minibuses, contributing to LOC8’s sustainability agenda.”

Electric Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Minibus in a parking lot
Interior of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Minibus

Steve Dowling, Director for Cobra Corporate Services Limited, said, “Exciting times ahead again working with Dawsongroup. The support and flexibility it affords us and our clients just works. Especially with the increase in interest mounting up as we advise our clients existing and new of the range of electric buses available as the technology integrated becomes more advanced. Cobra is expanding its supply of sustainable pure electric buses and charging infrastructure across the UK. The ability to work with Dawsongroup again in this fantastic opportunity to give our client the flexibility to lease the buses on a supported managed basis with Cobra through Dawsongroup instead of purchasing the electric vehicles suited the LOC8 business park, service delivery needs and design strategy.”

The introduction of zero-emission minibuses is a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting an eco-friendly future for the business park and the neighbouring community. Together with Cobra, and LOC8 we are leading the way towards a greener future with electric passenger transport.

With a fleet of alternative fuel vehicles, from fully electric to gas-powered solutions, and our industry-leading contract hire packages, our Smarter Asset Strategy can help your business adapt as the deadline for zero emissions draws nearer. Click below to find out how we can assist your business in the transition to a greener fleet.

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