White non-emergency ambulance parked in front of an office building

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) provides emergency, urgent care and non-emergency healthcare services.

As part of its services, SCAS has provided non-emergency patient transport services (PTS) throughout South Central, Surrey and Sussex since 2016. The service is available for patients who, due to their medical condition, are unable to use any other means of transportation to access services of the hospital or other healthcare centres; and it provides a vital service for those needing life-saving treatment.


The non-emergency PTS team at SCAS undertakes approximately 500,000 patient journeys every year. Due to a number of ageing vehicles in its fleet, it was necessary for the Trust to upgrade approximately 350 of its vehicles to ensure it could continue to provide a safe journey for its patients.

In the post-pandemic climate, it has become challenging to source such a high number of new vehicles. However, due to our long-lasting relationship with our suppliers, we were able to provide 120 PTS vehicles to SCAS without delay and we are in discussion with them to deliver the balance of their requirements.


In September 2021, we delivered the first five Ford Transit non-emergency PTS vehicles to SCAS. This versatile vehicle offers multiple configuration options, including easy wheelchair access, stretcher capacity and a wipeable interior for increased infection control, providing the Trust with the flexibility it needs to run an efficient service.

Since the first delivery in 2021, we have steadily supplied the Trust with an additional 24 multipurpose PTS vehicles. As part of our provision, in September 2022, SCAS became the first company in the UK to take delivery of two new Venari TrustFord Transit hybrid multipurpose PTS vehicles, with a further 96 on order.

These new vehicles offer multiple configuration options and have got easy wheelchair access and stretcher capacity. They have been developed with refined ergonomics and increased durability for patient safety and operator efficiency.

All vehicles are supplied with our fully supported contract hire solution, which includes full service and maintenance throughout the agreement.

Inside of a non-emergency ambulance seen from the back of the vehicle


The new vehicles and our flexible agreements have enabled the Trust to adapt to changing demands and will assist with seasonal pressures it may experience. Equipped with the latest technology, they will help provide patients with a safe and comfortable method of transportation to and from their medical appointments.

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