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Solihull Council is one of seven metropolitan district councils in the West Midlands. It provides a wide range of services to help improve the lives of the residents of the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull.

The council’s Community Transport Services aim to provide accessible transport options for people who are unable to use or have difficulty accessing public transport due to mobility issues, age, or disabilities.

The service offers a range of vehicles, including minibuses and wheelchair-accessible vehicles, to help people get around and remain connected to their communities.


One of the services provided by the council is its home-to-school transportation services for children with special educational needs and disabilities, ensuring the children of the borough have access to safe, comfortable, and accessible transportation to and from school.

In 2006 we won a five-year contract for the supply of accessible vehicles for the council’s home-to-school transportation services. As part of the contract, we had to source new and more fuel-efficient vehicles to replace the council’s ageing and unreliable fleet and provide them with a fully supported maintenance package.


Soon after initial consultations with Solihull Council, we began upgrading the fleet with a mixture of coach-built and van-converted vehicles that would provide safe, reliable, and comfortable transport for the children.

During the upgrade, fuel-efficient vehicles were introduced and, as a result, the council became one of the first in the UK to introduce Euro 6-compliant vehicles to its fleet.

We have continued to work closely with Solihull Council, and the contract has since been extended.

The ramp of an accessible vehicle


Solihull Council now has a range of accessible vehicles that allow for standard and accessible use, and the introduction of Euro 6 vehicles to the fleet has helped reduce the council’s fuel consumption.

The vehicles are supplied on our fully supported contract hire option, providing the council with a full maintenance solution that includes tyre replacements, MOTs, 24/7 roadside assistance, recovery services, and a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown. This ensures maximum uptime for the vehicles and an uninterrupted home-to-school transportation service.

This cost-effective hire solution gives Solihull Council the flexibility to build and maintain its fleet as required. With multiple configuration options, the council can quickly and effectively adapt the layout of the vehicles to support any transportation requirements.

Adjustable seats an accessible vehicle

We’re really pleased to continue working with Dawsongroup following a successful competitive tendering process.

I’m particularly looking forward to seeing how their innovative transport solutions can improve the services we provide for the residents of Solihull.

Linda Wilson, Head of Corporate Property Services, Solihull Council

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