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Arts for All is a London-based charity that provides a wide range of creative services to adults and children facing disadvantages in Tower Hamlets and Hackney communities.

The charity’s goal is to empower its learners, build their confidence, and help them achieve their life goals through art therapy sessions and creative clubs.


Arts for All’s initiative, the Rainbow Art Club, is a weekly creative club, designed for elderly people and adults with learning disabilities. The club offers a range of artistic activities, from painting to ceramics, as well as days out and trips away.

Once a year, the Rainbow Art Club embarks on a seven-day retreat to the beautiful landscapes of Devon. This annual trip provides a fantastic opportunity for learners to socialise and have creative fun. However, the great work of Arts for All is not without its hurdles. The charity relies heavily on funding and support to sustain its programs and provide these life-changing experiences for its learners.


For the past seven years, we have worked closely with Arts for All’s CEO, Caroline Barlow, and we have provided the charity with a minibus, free of charge, for their annual excursion to Devon.

Our aim is to support the charity’s learners and increase the charity’s impact on the community. The partnership is a testament to our commitment to supporting communities and empowering those who need it most.


Thanks to the provision of a safe and reliable minibus, the club can embark on their annual journey to Devon with peace of mind as it ensures the safety and comfort of learners during their seven-day retreat.

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Our support is not just about providing transportation. It is about empowering individuals to reach their potential and enriching their lives. The partnership between Dawsongroup bus and coach and Arts for All has helped the charity to continue to offer its creative services to those who need them most and make a real difference in their lives. This support has not only sustained the Rainbow Art Club, but has also expanded the horizons of what is possible for its members.

“I find it hard to express how grateful I am to Dawsons for letting us use one of your beautiful minibuses each year to take this wonderful group of adults with learning disabilities on holiday.

For most of them it is the only holiday they have ever had, and it is the most important thing in their lives – they literally talk about it every day of the year! It is definitely accurate to say it is and always has been, completely life changing for them. So, once again, thank you!” 

Caroline Barlow, CEO of Arts for All

To learn more about Arts for All and its services, make a donation, or volunteer your services, visit their website here.

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