Our customer, a major UK council, offers a wide range of services to its residents, including community transport for older adults and home-to-school transport for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

White accessible minibus with rear doors open

During the past eight years, we have been working closely with the council to supply a wide range of vehicles to assist them with these services.


In 2015, to support its community transport services, we started supplying the council with accessible vehicles for its older adult community and home-to-school transport services.

At the time, the council’s existing fleet was ageing, becoming less reliable, and was no longer cost-effective. As a result, it became necessary to introduce new vehicles to its fleet, enabling them to provide an uninterrupted transport service.

In 2019, the council tendered a contract to supply them with accessible vehicles for a 3-year period. We submitted a bid for the tender and successfully won the contract. We have since been working closely with the council to fulfil this contract and other requirements for community transport vehicles.


Using our extensive industry knowledge and previous experience of working with local authorities across the UK, together with the council, we analysed its long- and short-term requirements for accessible vehicles and provided a bespoke solution based on its passenger transport demands.

With a fleet of coach-built and van-converted minibuses, we currently supply the council with 45 accessible vehicles. The range of vehicles is versatile and offers multiple configuration options, including easy wheelchair access and can be used for standard and accessible use as required.

In 2019 the council made a commitment to become net zero by 2030. We work closely with our supply partners on innovative ways to minimise carbon emissions; to assist the council in reducing its environmental impact and achieving the net zero goal, we will introduce low-carbon alternative fuel vehicles and electric minibuses to its fleet over the coming years.

White accessible minibus with wheelchair ramp
Interior of an accessible minibus


Since we started our partnership, we have enjoyed a close working relationship with the council, and the contract to provide them with accessible vehicles has been extended.

Benefiting from our adaptable funding solutions and access to a fleet of vehicles with the latest technology, the council is able to provide safe and reliable transport as demands change.

Tax-deductible fixed monthly payments and minimal capital outlay help improve cash flow for the council so they can invest in other areas.

Looking to the future, the council will be relying on our knowledge and expertise to ensure that zero-emission vehicles will be in place by 2030. The transition to this goal will see the introduction of lower-emission fuel vehicles and the use of cutting-edge technology and reporting, enabling the fleet to operate efficiently.

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